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Gresh Audio-For The Emotion Of Music

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Gwen Stefani ~ Jewel Kilcher

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Dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughn,one of the true greats.

Audio Mall

Items Currently For Sale:

Crest Audio V450 stereo power amplifier for sale,used-not working,needs repair,good for parts.150 watt per ch.($100),will ship.

Wima Polypropylene caps MKP-10 .01uF 1000V and FKP-1 1000pF 1600V,great for tube amps,under half price($1.25ea)Have hundreds.

Custom 100Watt Bass Guitar amplifiers,Handmade,contact below.

Ibanez DE-7 Delay/Echo foot pedal.Brand new in box.$50

Boss CE-3 Compressor foot pedal.Brand new in box.$50.

We are looking to purchase your used equipment-contact by e-mail.


Sheryl Crow and Keith Richards

For audio related questions,sales
repair and modifications contact:

Gresh Audio specializes in system design,setup,repair and modifications.

700-76 Broadway
PMB #316
Westwood, NJ 07675


If busy try,leave message.Please try to use E-Mail before you try to call.Thanks.

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Janis Joplin ~ Grace Slick

GRESH AUDIO-For The Emotion of Music

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